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April 22, 2020

Over the many years, I have worked and served in Hawaii County District 8 bridging the needs of the Community's infrastructure and facilities for social, educational, recreational and health services and programs that impact our families.  

I'm especially honored to serve on the Ane Keahokalole Hwy project; Commissioner-County Reapportionment Commission; Commissioner- Kona Community Development Plan; Laiopua 2020 (Founder), West Hawaii Parks and Athletic Corp.(Founder), established the Kau I Ka Malie- Multi Media Technology Center Kealakehe High School (KHS), Established Aquaponics Program KHS,  Advocated against Keauhou Aquifer Area Designation, and more.....

It would be my honor to serve the County Council District 8 to "strengthen our community's infrastructure and facilities" that would strengthen our families to improve the quality of life for our Ohana and for the future generations to come.


Bo Kahui

 First and only time Congressional Delegates convene on Hawaii Island

Making a Difference Through Community Service

     In 2010 for the first and only time, 3 Congressional Delegates Sen. Inouye, Sen. Akaka, and Rep. Hirono would convene together on Hawaii Island for the Kau I Ka Malie Multi-Media (KIKM) Technology Center O'o Ceremony and Blessing at Kealakehe High School which is and has always been devoted to bridging the high school and community engagement for school-community based education. Nearly $1M Federal Grant helped to construct the KIKM Center and offer K-12 programs 

     Since 2008 after several years of service, a handful of community leaders sought to find solutions to the over crowed Kona District Park at Old Airport (aka Makaeo). In December 2010, West Hawaii Parks and Athletic Nonprofit Corporation (WHIPAC) was established and the 193-acre Kealakehe Regional Park was created. Formally a planned County Golf course, WHIPAC petitioned the State to set-aside the lands for the Kealakehe Regional Park and by 2014 the County’s consultant Kimura International had created a “Preferred Kealakehe Regional Park” design with an estimated cost of $78M. More work is necessary to bring this Regional Park initiative to fruition.

     Beginning 2006, Laiopua 2020, a community-based nonprofit corporation was established to create “a modern day Pu’uhonua” a place of refuge and safety.  In 2008, Laiopua Community Master Plan designed, planned, and constructed necessary community facilities to support the social, cultural, educational, recreational, and health services and programs to improve the quality of life for the residents of West Hawaii and the native Hawaiian Homestead Community.

     Finally, with the onslaught of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the community’s First Responders, Police, Firefighters, Emergency Ambulance Service personnel, will require a dedicated County Council to ensure their safety, and reliable sustainable workforce to keep our community safe.

     I’m seeking the County Council seat to take these and other experiences to the County Council. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion to our West Hawaii community that has fueled my fight for positive change to strengthen our community for education, need for social programs, improve recreational facilities and services and plan to tackle the problems and solutions to Strengthen Our Communities, Strengthen Our Families.

Kahui for County Council District 8


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